Augmenting the fan experience
Infinite Fan Engagement 

Create a perpetual ecosystem of fan engagement and direct sales

Fans are rewarded with discounts as they engage with new filters and games.
Fans use their rewards to purchase merchandise, concessions, upgrades and tickets.
Fans are granted access to exclusive filters and games as they make new purchases.
  1. White-label Platform
    Fanboard exists behind the scenes. Our goal is to attract your fans to your native app by providing new and engaging multimedia and digital games that appear to be the team's proprietary technology.
  2. Customize Games
    Fanboard provides teams with a 3D model of their venue where they can easily create and implement games and filters, define parameters like expiration, objectives and rewards and move token locations in real time.
  3. Get Fans Moving
    Fanboard encourages fans to move to new parts of the venue, getting them to retail, concessions and restaurants they would not otherwise visit.
  4. Get Fans to Return
    Fanboard allows you to create games that require multiple visits to collect rewards. It also allows you to offer exclusive filters to fans who return to multiple games or make multiple upgrades.
  5. Event Filters
    Fanboard event filters encourage interaction that can only take place at the game. Filters can recognize the ball and markers on the field and throughout the venue to generate animations and effects.
  6. Fan Filters
    Fanboard fan filters morph people into mascots or other animals and characters. These filters can be organically incorporated into the activities of the event or venue and they can be built around the branding of the team or team sponsors
  7. Fans on the Big Screen
    Fanboard allows the marketing team to project the best fan content on the big screen, thus creating a lasting memory for the fan while connecting them to the team or sponsors.
  8. Group Stories & Games
    Fanboard allows fans who visit the ballpark in groups to create stories with multiple perspectives from multiple locations. Fans can also participate in group games with a multiplayer experience.